Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Review:
The Grey Knights

So, I caved in and bought the codex. Really tempted to buy the miniatures as well. I really really like the Dreadknight, although it's limited poseability is a downer. Perhaps some day... when all the other stuff is painted.

I was going to write a pretty long review about the Grey Knights codex, at first, but decided to make it really really short instead. Because, really, this sentence kinda sums it up.

So it was that Kaldor Draigo, Lord of the Grey Knights, came once again to Acralem. Few words spake he, yet his grim purpose was plain to behold as he trod the old battlefields reawakened to fresh slaughter.

Matthew Ward. You are not to write another word in a publication until you leave the fan-fic prose behind you. Ok? I don't expect to pay 230SEK (That's 30USD for you overseas dudes & dudettes) just to read what can only be described as -really-bad- slash fiction. Without any of the hot dude on dude action!

That's all. I will not go into the rules, they give me a psy-headache and I'm psy-tired of reading about psilencers and psyswords. And I bet Long Fang-spamming still will eat the Psy-Knights for breakfast, so vote with your wallet and don't buy this piece of crap. Hell, I'd even wager that you get more value for your money buying a random C.S. Goto book.

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  1. Yeah, he should stick to rules. and leave the fluff and naming to somebody with a mental age over twelve. As a chaos player I want to lay a huge cleveland steamer on his chest for making Mortarion look like a little bitch in what is now considered canon. MARY SUE MARY SUE, FUCK YOU