Monday, April 4, 2011

Resurrection Of A Land Raider
The Project Hate XL part II

It's the grey knights?
Primer on and pre-shaded. I think I'll go for a pretty heavily modulated paintjob on the hateraider. Mostly because there are so many flat surfaces. But also in order to make it look really cartoony. Fit's the "Hey, we're kinda retarded-looking, but killy!"-look of the Khorne Berserkers that's gonna ride in it.

Srsly, what's up with those legs on the zerkers? It's not "dynamic". It's "ballet dancer-retarded". Not that ballet dancers are retarded, not at all. Unless they strap on power armour and scream about thrones for the throne god and false emperors. I think almost anyone can safely be called retarded by that point.

One of the upsides with an old and resurrected kit like this is that there's already a ton of blemishes, making it way easier to decide on where to put battle damage and rust and stuff.

Check out part I here and stay tuned for part III.

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