Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Fear The Greeks, Even When They Bring Gifts

I scrapped my Cyborg-daemon-ish project and found myself plus one Sentinel-kit all of a sudden. My painting muse has shriveled up and died, but I still needed to do something warhammerish. With Pixel returning (probably) on sunday for another bash, I decided to build the sentinel up as a gift for his fancy new Renegade IG. I don't know what he will arm it with so I magnetised everything up for him.

I just want to make ED209 sounds when I hold it

Tomorrow it will get airbrushed (Flaming Hot Pink sounds good eh Pixel?) and if time permits it will be done by sunday.

Fuck it, I need a good play session this weekend, I have felt quite burnt out with the whole hobby thing lately and I have no desire to paint any of my thousand things that NEED to be finished. I had a good game last time, winning against a BA and GK Team, but I walked away feeling empty and quite melancholic. Perhaps I should try with another game system or start my Xbox for the first time in months [/rambling]


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