Saturday, December 8, 2012

SM Open - Day 1

Completely unrelated picture apart from Orcs and Die.

So I got lured into playing in the open section of the Swedish Championship, a two day event in Stockholm... The first day was a blast. Really a blast (eheheh-heheh). Even though I got seriously creamed. :D

I brought a simple list consisting of three battlewagons, nobs, two 20 man mobs of ork boyz and some assorted odds and ends. What might have been a mighty force in 5th (lol I dunno) is a mess in 6th. At least when you end up against Grey Knights and other assorted stuff and you DO NOT have an Aegis Defense line to hide behind. My lootas has gotten so shot up today it's not even funny. Or well, it is/was funny in a dark humour kind of way.

Anyhow, three games got played today. The first against Grey Knights ended up with me getting tabled in turn 4. Second game against Space Marines with Imperial Guard allies ended up with me getting tabled in turn 5. Third game, against a pure Imperial Guard force ended up with a really really close game with me losing by just one single point.

But it could have been worse, I could have played Chaos Demons. Apparently they kick serious butt now. At least according to the assorted cries I've heard from the tables where people played against them... :)

I may suck, but I had a ton of fun. Pictures and more details tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted! :)

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