Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick review, Gobleon by Ammon

Since I buy a lot of stuff so the shelves in my cupboard don't feel lonely I thought that perhaps it would be nice to do some short reviews of what I get before it gets put away in wait for that year when I have 110% free time to paint.

So without further ado...


This is perhaps one of the funniest goblin miniatures out there. The mini really captures what I think of a goblin/gretchin (if you're a 40K fan). In short, it screams delusions of grandeur with a little touch of Don Quixote and a big scoop of naïveté.

The packaging is without any grandeur at all. To be expected of a small sculpter/caster. The parts are packed in a zip-lock within a larger zip-lock with a printout of the painted mini.

The parts themself are crisp and clean. There are some flash to remove, and of course you have to remove some of them from the sprues. But there are no Forgeworld style gates to remove or any gates attached to parts that will likely break unless you try to cut the resin with soothing words and nothing else. 

Dryfitting all the parts showed that there were no significant gaps and everything will probably go together without much filling. There were no dead areas – commonly found on GW/Citadel miniatures – on the mini so there will be no time spent figuring out what is what. Just pure joy of painting!

So if you're itching for a small project to build & paint. I'd say this is the one. It's a perfect weekend project. No big building diagrams (or lack of them) and a mini that's made to be painted.

I bought mine from Figone, Jeremie is a pleasure to deal with. Although with a tight schedule so don't expect one day turnaround on your order. It's worth the wait considering that you're supporting an indie manufacturer / sculptor.

Happy painting! 

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