Saturday, December 15, 2012

Taking the plunge!

Ever since I've started building and painting military scale models I've had a growing love affair with using oil paint. Creating smooth transitions between colour is made way easier due to the long open time. "This must be really useful on miniatures?!" I thought, but didn't really think much of it. Especially since I really didn't know at what end to start painting with oil colours.

Then I got my hands on "Building and Painting Scale Figures". An old book that really only talks about painting miniatures with oil paints. What selection of colors to use, how you plan and perhaps everything you will ever need to know about the fundamentals of painting a miniature.

It's a little dated. From the style of writing I think it came out just before the acrylic explosion (that's a colorful expression!). Acrylics are way handier to paint with most of the time. But if you're starting up, or is an old beard like me, it's worth a read. If not just to brush up on your skills.

Anyhow. I bought a bunch of oil colours (boy are they expensive or what?) specifically limiting my palette so I would learn how to mix colours properly. I'm usually one of those that buys the Mega Paint Set from Games Workshop in order to never have to mix paints. Or that's the idea, I still find myself mixing paints so why not do it right from the start? :)

The unfortunate victim is Einstein. The amazing ork bust sculpted by Allan Carrasco. The orks I grew up with were the ones drawn by Paul Bonner, and Einstein really captures that style. A little more human and a little less comical relief. You can really see the cunning plan he's hatching in the eyes.

So... expect a messy update on my adventures in oil in a couple of days! And if you haven't heard from me I'm probably just trying to get paint out of my hair or off the cats...

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