Thursday, December 13, 2012


This Kickstarter thing... I'm waiting for the backlash when some high profile goes bust. But until then I'm happily parting with my money for cool stuff I didn't know I could live without. This time it's the DiceRings.

Not only will my OCD be less severe, I can also make that critical charge-roll WHEREVER I WANT! On the bus? Need to declare a Waaagh! and charge? No worries! Having a shower when low morale strikes? On the left hand you have a 2r6... roll away! Lost combat with girlfriend? Need to see if she sweeps you? Since you are a good boyfriend you've bought her a r6 as well... Just roll and see if she destroys you or not. (Be a gentleman, let her sweep you and admit defeat!)

So, you see, this is a Kickstarter you need to take part in.


  1. Im still not sure what to think of these "kickstart" things, seems someone out there is getting rich VERUY easily off them to me!

    Anyway, i look forward to seeing how you get on with the oils!

    ive just added your blog to my blog roll BTW, please add mine to yours! its


  2. As long as I get my cool stuff I dont mind anyone getting filthy rich. But sooner or later someone is going to find a way to gamble the system or scam people. :/

    Blog added! :D