Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It was the last night on earth!

I took the car, and a friend and his dog, over to a friends place this weekend and brought my copy of Last Night on Earth for some zombie action. It sure didn't help that all three of us are zombie afficionados. We got one game in, and lots and lots of talking about The Talking Dead, fast zombies vs. running zombies, the awful adaptation of World War Z and zombies in general.

This was my first game of Last Night on Earth and even though I got brutally murdered by the survivors (I was controlling the zombies) it was a blast! I'm a sucker for the old school zombie movies and I think this game really captured the spirit of those movies I was brought up with.

I would actually have won the game if it werent for Sally, the high school sweetheart, finding a chainsaw in turn 10 of 15. She then proceeded to run around the board chasing my poor zombies. :( Very cinematic, very fun, very zombie.

The next day I took my orks over to Uppsala for some 40K action. Prepping the battle report at the moment. :)

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