Sunday, December 9, 2012

SM Open - Day 2

So... the defeats are finally over. I ended up losing both my games on day two and are now officially the worst 40K player (of the SM Open). I don't fret though. I learned a lot during these two days, and my opponents were real great winners and made me have a good time while I removed buckets of orks from the table.

One of the top moments in my 40K "career" was the game against the Imperial Guard at game three the first day. We both had no intentions to win, lots of laughs was had and it was an -extremely- close game.

Lootas need defense lines. The amount of fire they attracted was at some times hilarious. 
Battlewagons have extremely huge sides so that AV14 in the front dont matter that much.
Deffrollas... not that awesome but still awesome.
Feel no pain cybork body ork nobs are... silly fun! :D

And enough with that, onto the pictures!

What I had left on the table at game 1, turn 3... 
"OK men! Re-roll your re-rolls and let's finish this!"
Close game that ended up 12-8 to the Chaos Daemons
Some non-beardy-dude from the south!
Day 1, game 2 vs. Ultra-Vulcan-Marines (and some IG)
It's like the Vendetta is made to get a sharks mouth. It sure eats my troops like a great white.
Soundly beaten by this awesome eybrow bro-dude!
Day 1, game 3. Imperial Guard gunline. 
"Don't give up on me now son!"
The green tide!
The red tide!
First tourney in 20 years and this is what I get! CHEESE! :D
Getting ready to penetrate the rectal armour of my orks!
Jesper, winner of the SM Open!
Rikard, the official swedish champion of 40K!


  1. Nice pictures, man friend. Now, how can we get you to come to gbg for some removing buckets of orcs-action? I'm thinking GothCon in Eastertime.

  2. Thanks, dude bro! :D
    Gothcon is booked, Olof has promised me hugs and beer and who can turn down that?!