Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WIP: Space Marine Chaplain

I've been working on and off on the chaplain for a week now. The base was shown earlier I think. Now it's gotten some paint (marble tiles are a b*tch) and I'm partly done with the chaplain itself. 

Still needs some cleanup and coats of matte/satin varnish here and there. Then some weathering. Trying to keep him clean, not because it's warranted, just because I'm so tired of painting dirty orks. I want to paint shiny stuff every now and then!

Tried out some techniques in oil paint taken from the old book "Building and Painting Scale Figures" by Sheperd Paine. Oils can be really forgiving in terms of blending. Don't be fooled by their long open time though. Oils are open longer, but when working in this small scale it sure aint open as long as they are on canvas.

Not completely sure on the pose. I wanted him a bit more forward leaning, so it looks like he has jumped down and are on his way up again. But I don't want him to look like he has tripped and are falling down. So I guess I'll just sleep on it. =)

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