Sunday, October 7, 2012

Introduction to Airbrushing with Ken Schlotfeld

This is an awesome video produced by Wargames Consortium that covers almost everything you need to know about airbrushes and compressors if you are just starting out or are looking into buying a setup to start airbrushing your minis.

It's a long watch, but well worth it. 

If you get yourself a Harder & Steenbeck (popular here in the Europe apparently) you cannot backflush it the same way as with Iwata & Badger. Instead, unscrew the nozzle protector a little and it will backflush. 


  1. Well, you don't necessarily need to unscrew the nozzle to backflush a H&S... at least that's not what I do. I use a very thick microfiber cloth, press the nozzle into the cloth and voila: backflush...just be careful if you work without your nozzle cap to not bend the needle tip.

  2. Tried that one and punctured my finger :) Now I unscrew the nozzle-holder instead. :)

  3. haha...the video is nice by the way. I subscribed to the channel ages ago and the first thing I did after seeing the video, was to post it at two boards I visit frequently: My local stores board, which also host a sub-forum for my gaming club, and one of the bigger German TTG boards, where "can I start airbrushing with this 50€ ebay deal" questions pop up pretty much once or twice a week.

    Really helpful for people who are either new to airbrushing or want to get into it, answers a lot of the questions frequently asked by fellow wargamers...