Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wayland Games, new site

A day late, but anyways, Wayland Games has a new site. Or rather a new design on their existing framework. Finally you can find stuff on there without having to do searches that either turn up 1000 results or nothing.

From the thread on Dakka Dakka it's said that there will be a new stock level system incorporated as well. Supposedly more live than this one (there is of course always a delay no matter how "live" your stock tracking is, perhaps something for a later post) and said to be implemented on Monday.


  1. I cannot urge you in strong enough terms: avoid Wayland Games.

    I have made the mistake of ordering from them twice, had nothing but delays and problems both times, and have come away frustrated and angry both times.

    Last year when GW cancelled RoW sales, Wayland put an announcement on their website saying that they intended to keep shipping to RoW no matter what GW said, and were still taking GW orders from RoW, so I placed a GW order. They then held my money for NEARLY A MONTH before cancelling my order saying that they could not ship to RoW.

    I decided to give them another chance this year based on their supposedly improved inventory system, upon which I call major and total shenanigans. All of the items I ordered carried the green light icon, which, and I'm quoting them, means "High Availability: If in stock should ship in 1-5 working days, if not then 3-9." After waiting 10 business days (2 weeks) with the items still showing as green lighted but my order still showing as processing, I requested a refund/cancellation so I could get the items elsewhere, and happened to mention in the (epic) DakkaDakka thread "Maelstrom Games: Taking the Biscuit?" that I thought their claims as to order fulfillment timeframe were akin to something that falls periodically from the back end of the genus Equus, from a spot right below where the vertebral column ends.

    While they have not bothered answering my refund request, someone from Wayland appeared on Dakka within minutes to imply that I couldn't read and then, get this: threatened to cancel my order (which I had already asked them to do) and sent me a PM demanding that I retract what I had said because it was obviously my misunderstanding for believing that the nine-business-day turnaround they were advertising meant that they would ship my items within 9 business days.

    I won't deal with them again, and given that their staff make a habit of spending time on forums confronting anyone who dares to criticise their inaccurate shipping timeframe claims rather than working to fulfill orders within the promised timeframe, I would recommend that no-one else do so either. I'm sure they'll be here in a few minutes to tell everyone that nine business days doen't really mean nine business days and that I'm totally wrong.

    You know who I would recommend? Trolltrader. I have only dealt with them via ebay, but they ship lightning fast and the one time I had a minor problem (a defective model), the person I contacted apologised profusely, offered to intercede on my behalf with the manufacturer, and in general made me feel like a valued customer. His name is Louis and he's one of the classiest, friendliest people I have ever dealt with in about 30 years playing miniatures games. He'll be getting my business in the future.

  2. Librariarch, whats crackalackin? (My Aussie brother in law tells me thats how they say hi down under :))

    The business with you and Wayland is something I'd rather not comment on since it seems infected, especially since it also concerns their failed ROW-embargo-workaround.

    I'm sad to hear that you feel the way you do. But as with all relations, some just don't work out. And it seems you've found an acceptable solution to it all. Don't take me for a fanboy though, I will keep your comment here in order for it to be cached by Google and turn up in searches.

    As for me, I've found Wayland to be more than accomodating, and will continue to recommend them.

    Thanks for the Troll Trader tip, I'll check them out.


  3. Oh, and your euphemism for donkey crap is hilairous, I'll put that one in the archives! :D