Monday, October 8, 2012

Finished Dakkajet! In 720° vision!

If Games Workshop can do spinning product images, so can I! It's a bit of a hassle, but the effect is kinda nice. :) Click the image to pop-up a PX40K copyrighted 720° view of the Dakka-Jet!

The inspiration for the colour-scheme came from the venerable Stuka. This particular camo with yellow wingtips was used on the eastern front I believe. But only on the undersides, and that would detract from the effect on the tabletop.

I tried to follow the "official" RLM colour codes with the Vallejo Air Colors I had. The only snag was the yellow which had to be airbrushed light and building up from a darkened Yellow Ochre up to the lemon yellow. It took some time, but in the end it turned out really well. Super vibrant. I like! :)

The "splinter" camouflage was done with some simple masking. I put down some Tamiya masking tape on my cutting mat and then cut some angular shapes that I placed over the grey basecoat and then sprayed it green. :)

Some basic weathering and post-shading with oils, add some pigments to that and voila! A Dakka-Jet!

Check out the work in progress posts via this link.


  1. I like it...

    ...reminds me a bit of the ork-project I cancelled back in ed5, when GW suddenly released the DE.

    It never moved beyond the shopping phase, but I did collect a big amount of Microartstudio heads, some 1:35 WW2 tanks and huge pile of Black Reach orks.

    Idea was for a "Afrika Ork" Speedcult mech force. Looted soviet SU-152 conversion for the battlewagons, british universal carrier for pick-ups, copters with Stuka wings and stuff like that. Basically kind of a hodgepodge of orkified WW2 vehicles.

    I'm not a huge fan of serious historical style conversions in 40k. For example a ww2 Wehrmacht IG would be a bit disturbing, but orks have such a silly comic style that it wouldn't look like something intended to glorify some of the ugliest parts of recent history.

    I mean if someone is serious into playing the bad ass Germans, he should be honest and play Flames of War...

  2. I think of my "german" orks more like the germans in :)

  3. Awesome, that thing works much better than GW's 360 view that usually spins only once for me. That thing is hectic. Well done!

  4. Yeah, it spins like crazy... like that good old eighties song:

    @PX: Okay, that "german" parody is lovely... somehow British comedy has a talent to make ugly stuff look stuff from "Mitchell and Webb look"

  5. I cant listen to that song after I got lured into visiting meatspin. :(