Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Base-mania and an Ork Warboss…

When serendipity strikes, you go with the flow! I saw this pretty nice tutorial by Miniature Mentor yesterday, and today when I woke up I had this urge to do some bases. So after getting home I got into it. Two of them are just repetitions of what was in the tutorial, the third with the lamp post is destined for my Snikrot, whenever I get him done. My workplace looks like a mess. :)


I got around to take a photo of the finished Ork Warboss I painted earlier (here & here). Nothing special. I got to try out some new techniques and I guess I'm rather pleased with him.

Looking like a chess piece with that plinth
I guess I will have to kitbash myself a proper warboss some time in the future. After I have gone through my backlog of ork stuff that needs to be painted. So next year perhaps... -.-


In other news, the Maelstrom Games saga continues. Check out the thread on Dakka for updates. Still nothing really new. Mostly speculation. Hopefully it'll come to an end – good or bad – pretty soon. My money is on them going bust. :/

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