Friday, February 25, 2011

Review: Metallics shootout

metallic color comparison
Top: Vallejo Liquid Gold Gold(!), Old gold, Rich gold, White gold, Silver & Copper
Middle: Citadel Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver, Dwarven Bronze, Shining Gold & Burnished Gold
Bottom: Vallejo Model Color Old Gold, Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal Grey & Silver.
While assembling and painting the Warhound I noticed that my assortment of metallics was pretty small and dried out so I had to order some. And while browsing around Maelstrom I noticed that they had the alchohol-based Vallejo metallics. Paints I've always been interested in but I haven't found a proper review on them so I've always been kinda hesitant.

Now it might've been the beer, the pills or both. No matter what I ended up with six alcohol-based paint pots in my parcel two weeks later…

Intrigued I opened them up and decided that even if they contain alcohol, there will be no brush-sucking when painting with these colors… for sure! They smell bad and I figure they taste just as bad if not worse.

The quality of the paint is far better than the smell. Being alcohol based the paint goes on really smooth and shiny compared to the acrylic metals I'm used to. And even though they dry quick thanks to the alcohol I had a hard time trying to get some visible brush-strokes. 

One of the downsides is that you cannot be as fast as you are with acrylics. If the alcohol doesn't evaporate before you put on the next layer you will rub off the layer of paint underneath.  A small price to pay for some really shiny metallics in my opinion. 

As you can see from the, far from scientific, comparison the liquid gold is way shinier and less bold than the Citadel equivalents. Even the Vallejo Model Color feels cartoony in comparison. The mica-flakes (the stuff that makes it sparkle like Edward) is actually some kind of metal in the Liquid Gold range which I suppose helps. It also makes for a smoother appearance and somewhat easier handling. Although you cannot introduce any moisture to the paint or it will rust! Pretty cool if you ask me! ;)

It's not a paint range you'd use daily. Or at least I won't since I'm a brush-sucker and most likely will mix up the brushes and get sick. The smell of alcohol is also somewhat disturbing, even though you get pretty funny after a while. But the upside is that on larger projects, like the Warhound, you can get that real smooth eye-popping metallic color without messing around with acrylics that needs thinning and a really careful hand not to look messy. 

So all in all, if it wasn't for the need of alcohol to clean the brush, and proper ventilation I would give the range four grots out of five possible. The final verdict is:

Three grots and a snotling! 

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  1. Nice, I will be ordering some of them for myself in the next weeks - really looking forward to trying them!