Monday, February 14, 2011

Its slowly taking shape

Fitted together with spit, chewing gum, pins and a ton of superglue.
So I finally found a pose I liked and started to glue the legs together. I'm kinda envisioning the 'Hound shooting up a bunch of "Charlie" and is no standing there asking for more / displaying power. I was originally trying to get it to be in a more walking pose. But my skills were lacking in the model department. And it also felt so much nice if it was standing firmly on both of it's feet!

Colourwise... meh. It's time to think about that now. Boomo called me a coward when I said "Blue n Gold?" but I think I'd stick to that. Making a really elaborate paintjob on the first model this big that I've ever painted feels like it'll just end in disaster. I rather have a cowardly painted titan than a halfway painted titan. : )

Here's the mockup I did to test the colours, of course you don't see the grey/gunmetal back-side of it. But it's pretty boring so we'll skip that view of the armor. Scratches looks fine on it (right part) and even thouht they will take ages to paint I think I'll stick to that instead of salt+hairspray.

I have to check up on some gold painting tutorials though. I'm not too confident in my teqhnique [Old Gold > washes > old gold > burnished gold > VMA Gold] so please drop any links to any gold painting tips you might have!

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