Friday, February 18, 2011

Hardfoam, save on 2+

I kinda got bored of waiting for the GW water effects to fully cure so I finished up the Micro Art hardfoam fortification thingie.

Stalwart Ultramarines daftly avoiding getting their feet wet!

Overall a pretty OK piece of terrain. There was a bit of warping – which I guess is from the cooling process and unavoidable – that I solved by glueing it all on a thin sheet of MDF. Since it's foam there are some pores on the piece, especially noticeable on the concrete walls. Nothing that will be noticed from three yards away and if painting with brush (I used an airbrush) it'll most likely fill up those pores making it look super-solid even when up close.

Pores, look closely.
Watching out & watching out for the puddle in the corner.

Oh, and I painted up some zenital stuff on even more marines... I sure don't regret spending a month learning the airbrush and wanting to throw the airbrush into the wall. Batch-painting stuff like marines get's so much easier when you can basecoat 30 marines in an hour.

Oh so blue!

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