Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buzz 'bout Buzzgob...

Working with Objective Source Lightning is something I've dabbled in, but never really got the hang of. Mostly since I paint a lot of tabletop troops and it's just not feasible to try and do it with 100 orks. It is also one of those techniques you have to try over and over again to really make it look good and proper.

So that was one of the things to try and do with Buzzgob. He has this green lamp on the right side of his head. That one sure had to be able to throw out some light I thought. Which would be good to emphasize his mek-y-ness.

After a while I got pretty pleased with it. From some angles OSL looks weird. But when looking from the right angles it's pretty convincing for being paint.

This I did with a ton of really transparent layers of green emaniaiting from the bulb and a little bit of thinking of what would be hit. The mechanical claw-arm furthest away from him got a few hits of the darker green, while the arm and metal bits closer to the lamp got the entire deal with both opaque and green glazes.

It's looking pretty convincing I think, and solved at least 20% of my metal worries posted in last days post.

Win! :)


  1. It has worked well. This is a skill I have never mastered.

  2. I think the OSL looks very good, I especially like the way you have the color showing up on some of the more distant pieces.

  3. Looks nice, but the source of the light doesnt seem obvious to me. Maybe it could use an additional accent. Cheers.