Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In the mailbox: Kromlech Feldkanone 48

The Feldkanone I wrote about a week ago arrived today! First impressions of it is great, but I do wonder why we pay Forge World as much as we do. As you can see from the pictures below, there's almost no clean-up needed compared to Forge World resin.

Sure, it's probably not as detailed as Forge World stuff. I bet they have their reasons to sell at the price point they do. But when I receive stuff like this (and the Alien Brain) which has barely no flash or seams visible it sure feels like Forge World is charging a bit too much.

Aaaaanyhow... The Feldkanone came with no assembly instructions, but there really wasnt any instructions needed. You just place the cannon on the carriage, slide the shield over and attach it on the carriage with two pegs on the backside of the shield.

I bought this to see if I could use it as a grot kannon instead of buying the metal GW-kits. And as you can see from the pictures it's a tad too big (IMO). Something that can be remedied by having a bunch of grots with it. The grot with baseball cap could easily be modified to be able to sit on the barrel. With an extra two (or three if you add an ammo runt) grots I can imagine that it would create the illusion of them being able to handle the kannon. Now I really don't know why I'm aiming for realism in a game with space marines and giant world-eating bugs. Still, it's nice if it looks at least remotely credible. :)

Worky bits.

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