Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aha-aha. Ultra-Sonic!

I get all these 80's theme songs in my head whenever there's something that's Laser, Amazing or Ultra. Like today when I bought this ultra sonic cleaner thingie. They were on sale at my local hardware store and I couldn't really pass that one up. Especially since I've been having troubles getting into all the small areas on my neglected airbrush.

It's actually so dirty and neglected it makes me look like Mother Theresa. So if this ultrasonic cleaning thing doesn't work I'll have to get myself a new one. (Oh noes! ;))

Right now I'm trying out a cleaning solution of 20% "Windex" and 80% water. Stuff is coming off in heaps from places I earlier thought was clean-ish. I'll be back with more reporting once it's run for a couple of runs.

I also have to apologize for not posting much lately. Work is prio #1 at the moment. The good thing is that I finally managed to score some bigger projects, which in turn lets me have some spare time during weekends and such. Actually so much that I this weekend were able to sleep and watch the F1 race. (Now wasn't that simply nervebiting?! Forza Ferarri!!!)

So if this keeps up I'll probably have the time to play some 40K next weekend. Or at least paint some more orks... -.-


    Electronic-Supersonic by Zlad :P
    I need to get myshelf one of these too since my airbrush is in a bad shape I think (and I had enough breathing all these nasty chemicals trying to clean it).
    I realised they go for very cheap these days (30-40 euros) so there is no excuse not buying one.

  2. Hahaha, thats such an awesome video. Not far away from old hits by the Buggles I grew up with.

    I let the cleaner run for 5 runs with the airbrush assembled. It didnt remove all dried up paint from its insides. But it sure removed a lot and now it feels much smoother. So all in all I recommend you getting one as well. Sure beats scrubbing your airbrush standing over a bath of thinner.

    So I guess a good thing is to drop it in there every time the painting session is over.

  3. 5 runs with the airbrush DIS-assembled even. :)