Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the bench: Kommandos!

*sssssch* "We sneaky!!!"
10 kommandos, nob, 2 burnas and Snikrot. Ready to be primed.

Having the cold of the century. Which actually is nice since I've had what I thought was some weird allergic reaction for two weeks. Turns out that the runny nose wasn't the cats, pewter or anything else that's nice. Just a plain old cold.

So inbetween the "lie down in bed feeling sorry for yourself"-sessions I've actually managed to do some hobby related stuff. Like the kommandos!

I love these. Forge World really did an amazing job on the sculpts. The only real snag I encounterd was the nob. He's got a lower right arm that needs to be carefully placed and filed. And even after that you'll need to green stuff the joint. But it's all worth it since it's such an amazing sculpt. It's actually so cool that I hope the people I play against let me use him as Sneekrot, Snikrot's not so evil twin. I got myself Snikrot just in case. But ooooh maaaaan, the nob is so awesome!

The regular kommando heads and backpacks went on the plastic ork boyz without a hitch. Some minor filing and fitting was necessary, but since it's resin you'd be filing away anyways.

Oh, and I was just going to buy the pigment sets from Forge World yesterday. Somehow a bunch of grot tanks found their way into the order. Weird!

(With a little luck I'll have a step-by-step done later next week. A sneak peek of it to the left in the picture.)

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  1. The new sneaky FW Kommandos. I really like these guys, I would have bought some myself. Too bad I swore that I wouldn't buy any new stuff until after I finished painting what I already got.
    Have fun painting them and I am looking forward seeing the results.