Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yet another WIP...

Actually the KV-1 is finished and stuff. But I just havent got around to setting up the photo stuff in order to add it to "finished models". In a couple of days perhaps. The desk is occupied by that -awesome- Dakka Jet at the moment, no time to photograph stuff!

I – of course – went with a Luftwaffe camouflage-ish camo. Sure, I waste the rule of red paintjob, but it is so much cooler with a "proper" paintjob. Or at least thats what I think... :)

Much to my surprise all my masking held up this time. Usually I get gaps in the masking and then rip up some paint with the tape. Not this time. I guess it has to do with the enormous amount of glosscoat in between the colours. (Note: Invest in some gloss coat manufacturer stock)

Hopefully I'll be able to get this one done within the week. I have a ton of Ork Nobs to paint as well... -.-


  1. Looks very promising. Great colour choice btw. The yellow looks very full, did you airbrush the the colours on?

  2. Thanks! :)

    The yellow was airbrushed. I don't dare brush paint yellow on larger surfaces anymore.

    IIRC it is VMA Yellow Ochre with a touch of VMA Burnt Umber and then I just added more layers with added Ochre until it felt yellow enough. :)