Monday, August 20, 2012

Finished: Hobby Boss KV-1, 1/48 scale

I finally got around to getting the light tent all set up so I could take photos of all the stuff that's finished but not yet up on the blog.

First out is the KV-1 that I've blogged about earlier (here and here). A simple out of the box build. Nothing major with the kit, apart from those darned decals. I kinda got them where I wanted after a while.

The bolt heads on the applique armour was really nice. I learned a ton on how to do streaking due to them.

The KV-1 was painted solely with the AK Interactive color modulation set for Soviet WW2 armor. As stated earlier, I'm kinda in love with it! :) Weathering was done with AK Interactive wash for Soviet green and of course some MIG pigments in the end.

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