Friday, August 17, 2012

*zoooom* Dakkajet Continued

This thing is a blast to paint! It's really striking when you paint some of the newer kits right after painting some early/very early ones. Like now, I just finished off a pretty bad (fine!)cast of Ghazkull. With a ton of details that aren't really clear on how to paint. Is it pants or is it just a smooth part of a bionic leg? Of course it's easier with vehicle kits, but even the rather new Chimera suffers from some of it.

The ever growing WIP-shelf in my cabinet.
Anyhow... lets quickly forget the WIP-stuff (notice some stuff from a year ago?) and move on to the Dakka Jet. Painting is progressing. The first coat of wash is on, just a general one to act as wash/filter, and once that one is dry it's time to add some chipping and concentrating on toning down the chrome of the jet exhausts.

One thing that's really helping is using slower drying enamel colours for the washes. It's pretty common to use an oil colour based wash on vehicles. While that has its purposes (really really really long open time) I kinda prefer enamels due to their rather long open time.

For the Dakka-Jet I used some of the enamel washes from AK Interactive. These enamel based washes remain workable for an hour or two before setting. Oil colour washes, at least when I do them, tend to stay workable for a day or so depending on how thick they are.

Oh, and a Pro-Tip... do NOT lick the brushes you use for non-waterbased-acrylics. It tastes really really bad. I promise you... -.-

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