Sunday, June 26, 2011

Forgeworld <3 Kromlech
A kannon and it's krew

Once upon a time I bought the Kromlech Feldkanone 48 from the Kromlech Ork War II range. Yesterday I got some really weird itch and felt like painting the kannon. Only God knows how many months later... (you do the math)

The rust stains was made by first spraying the entire kannon in some rust-ish colours and then applying some Vallejo Liquid Mask. After that I did a pretty regular paintjob. The kannon itself got some sort of russian-green and details were painted by hand.

The good thing with this, compared to hairspray, is that you can actually hand-brush stuff without activating the hair spray layer. The bad thing is that the liquid mask (it's more or less liquid latex, same stuff you use for make up) is pretty hard to remove without damaging the layer underneath. Use caution.

Tried out some different techniques on the grots as well. I wanted them to look more like Paul Bonners grots. So they got rosy cheeks and noses. I kinda like it, they look cute with that pink on them! Next up is grots with lipstick!!!

Hopefully I'm in Orkebro playing Dvaergakungens Fæeste by the time you're reading this. Expect a full on, two-way, DV/DA, review during the week.

Until then...


  1. That is a very impressive model,

  2. I really like the rusty look, might have to look into that.