Saturday, June 11, 2011

Continuing the Not-40K-posts
JagdLuther & DML Pz.Kpfw IV

I've started to add the chipping to the Dust Tactics JagdLuther. At first I was going to do the plain old sponging technique, but in a stroke of genious I decided to skip that and do it the Mig Jemenez way!

For those who haven't seen his DVDs. It's basically painting lighter dots of the base coat in a stokastic/random pattern and then adding the primer colour inside them. German WWII primer was some reddish-brown. And unfortunately for me I just gave away all my Vallejo paints to Boomo, so I had to concoct a mix from Reapers Bloodstain Red and Brown Liner.

Not nearly half done with the left side, or the cannons. But I really have to do some chores, like cleaning my studio...

JagdLuther chipping. Or at least 15% of the planned chipping.

And here's a blast from the past I haven't posted.

Achtung! Panzer! Lazer! 

I've always wanted to get into the military scale modelling. Or at least understand it. Can't say I really do. Colours are so limited, and the debates on what shade of Feldgrau is the correct one makes my head hurt.

The 1:72 scale models are pretty nice starters though. This kit took about 2hrs to build, and 2-3 hours to paint. (Not counting the time to wait for oil washes to dry). And the best thing, it's cheap. It's not like you don't dare mess it up with inexpensive kits like these.

Ah well, now I'm off to the bathroom to make sure the tiles on the wall are shiny enough for me to invite my parents here... wish me luck! Hopefully you have something more intersting to do. :)

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