Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the booth:
Dust Models 1:48 Jagdluther

Das Schwer Panzer KampfLaüfer IV-A "Jagd Luther". Ja! Alles gut!
Quick WIP-post. I was (of course) supposed to paint up even more ork boyz now that I managed to have all my Ultramarines tactical squads painted. But I also had this box from Hong Kong with a Jagd-Luther and a Günther waiting to be opened… So paint the same old same old or build a new kit? Kinda obvious what I choose?!

The 1:48 kit is a mixed media kit with some plastic parts (on a sprue) and a bunch of resin parts (in a ziploc). Something I didn't notice until I started wondering why some parts never fused. Use superglue! :D

Apart from some of the resin parts not completely being flush everything fit well together. No Finecast-bubbles anywhere to be seen. Definitely no Forgeworld-ish mould parts either. Barrels were a bit crooked, but since they're resin a quick session under hot tap water solved that.

The legs are fully articulated with the pistons able to move up and down. Which is nice since even though I wont have it posed as it is in the picture I can move the legs and knees to get paint everywhere I want. The downside is that until you've fixed the legs with glue, it has a tendency to fall over due to the resin making it a bit front heavy.

The idea is to keep the paintjob very much like it is. Fresh out of the factory WWII German Gray. No fancy camouflage or anything. Just a ton of mud and stuff the further down you get on the model. Mostly I just use this to get a feeling for how to model/paint the much larger 1:35 Gunther. Which came with a really cheesy comic book, more on that in a later post.

Right now I've just finished the first layer of oil-wash together with some chipping you hardly can see. The barrels will be painted in a more steel like gray once the oil washes have dried properly. Perhaps I'll paint one of the knee pads in primer-red to show some hasty field repair.

I'll try to keep the rust stains to a minimum this time. Even though it's so easy (and satisfying) to go craaazy when you use pigments. :)


  1. I like the 1/48 dust kits, though I don't have any yet. I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

  2. I'd wait with buying one once I've finished this one up and taken a go at the 1:35 scale Gunther. There are some quirks worth noting, assembly instructions are in a league of their own, almost rivaling Forgeworld in the way they leave out important pieces of the build. Or... perhaps I'm just spoiled with the comprehensive Dragon / Tamiya instructions. :)

    Have you played the game? I guess I'm kinda semi-interested in it when I heard that there was to be a more table-top-ish game of it. But from a first glance, the boardgame felt a bit dumbed down.