Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wayland Games and their new site. Some updates.

I got this affiliate letter from Wayland Games (click the banner, shop stuff!) and it said (amongst many other things):

[…] we are about to start the final push to get our new site ready for launch. Our target is December 1st currently. There is a possibility it will slip by a week depending how the final testing goes.

Which is a God-send. If it weren't for the fact that they actually ship stuff in time I'd be using any other retailer. So here's hoping that the new website will actually be easier to navigate (not that that's hard to accomplish looking at their current one).

It's not like I blame them. As I posted earlier, I'm doing a re-design of a web-shop at the moment. And it's a gargantuan task. Especially if you're out of the norm by just a slight margin and have to have customization done. Like a more or less live stock-status. When will an item be considered in/out of stock? When the customer has put it in his shopping cart or when it's paid for? What happens if someone pays earlier? Etc etc... tons of things to consider.

The e-mail also said:
Two more interesting items for you.. We have 2 more sites launching on the same day. One is another games site.. using a slightly different business model. The second is a departure for us but selling a range of products most gamers will be interested in. at least to some extent. 
Can this be the EU Battlefoam outlet perhaps?

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