Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's all about the Stompa

I applied some oil washes to it to add some more contrast and darken it a little. I should've gotten around to adding detailing to it, but I just had to try out how to weather it. So I took an old toothbrush and some various pigments and went bananas on the front of the skirt. Looking pretty good, and it also goes to show that adding scratches to the bottom of the skirt really isn't needed. It's all gonna be covered anyhow. So there some time saving right there!


  1. It is looking good! Although I have to say that some of the black panels look a bit flat. Could you break them up with some drybrushing? Or is that too late at this stage?

  2. Yeah, the oil wash kinda hid the highlighting I did earlier. So I have to go over it again with some careful drybrushing / edge highlighting.