Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was supposed to, but...

Aporkalypso! The Big Red Un!

I was supposed to paint my ”slow orks” but then the mailman came with the Stompa I ordered from Wayland Games. Aaaand... everything stopped and I started to build. 

4 solid hours into it so far. Tomorrow I hope I'll be able to finish the slow orks and add the final details to the stompa. Painting it will be a b*tch though. As usual with orky things there's a metric buttload of tiny details that you must paint. Sometimes I feel I should just bin the orks and go with something more sleek and shiny. Tau? 

The plan for this fellow though is to have him in a Dred Mob at the aporkalypse game in Uppsala this November. Together with my 2 squads of kanz, a deff dread and hopefully 3 grot tanks standing in as kanz. All depending on how much painting time I get in. 

Oh, and the rest of my 2000 points will be filled with boyz, more boyz and then some boyz. I hope the other players on my team bring tons of mechanized stuff, because I wont have any. :)

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