Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Push! Push! I can see the head!"

Finally got around to add the head. And it sure makes it a whole new stompa. As usual with minis (or huge-is as this is) the head is really the focal point. Without it. Or with a bland face. Things just look dull.

Instead of the mek-ish ork commander that was supplied with the stompa I decided to add one of the grots from Forgeworlds Grot Tank-set. It just felt much more appropriate to have a ton of grots running the machine. Even though the fluff says otherwise. I guess this grot, Kommanda Ruhmul, has proven himself in battle so many times that he got transplanted from the kan into the head of the stompa instead. Or something like that... only the God Emperor knows how the ork mind works. If anyone does.

And as usual, it's a ton of work left to do. Highlighting all the panels, drybrushing metal bitz and whatnot. But I got so happy when the head was on I had to put it up here.