Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sdkfz. 222 Part IV

Not much to it. A lot of mistakes, not so many happy ones, but at least I got it out of the paint booth and into the cabinet. You paint and you learn. :)

I tried to make it look like they tell you everything looks after a couple of weeks in the desert. More ore less the same colour as the sand. Without overdoing it. Meh, I guess I kinda achieved that goal.

What I missed (it pays to do your research!) is that apparently every German vehicle got painted "desert tan" once they left the staging area in Libya. I attribute that to the fact that I didn't touch the model for almost two weeks while contemplating a bath in Simple Green or just paint it and get it "out of the door".

It sounds like I'm really not pleased with how it turned out. I am. I learnt a lot on how to manipulate the pigments. And why they're the last step in the chain.

1/48 kits are sometimes really fiddly, but this one went together in a couple of hours. Painting doesn't have to take as long as it does with 1/35 kits. So it's more like painting a figure instead of the month long projects that building & painting a 1/35 kit easily turns into.

Learning has occured. Pigments dont hide your mistakes. I have painted something. Other kits demand my attention!

Oh, and of course. The macro lense is unforgiving! :)

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