Saturday, May 12, 2012

PX vs. Decals. 1 - 0


Finally all the decals are on! Now it's just some more detailing to be done (the arm for the hatch, las-gun-arm and the engine on the back) and I can finally start on contrasts and weathering. Oh, I of course need to touch up the inside a bit since my masking wasn't too good.

One thing I noticed was that the decals is a bit thick-ish. Not as thick as the Games Workshop decals thankfully. But they have some silvering due to the thickness. Hopefully it'll all go away with a coat of varnish.

I'm more than pleased with the freaky-head. The helmet needs some more blending (the shadows are a bit harsh) but it really brightens up the entire suit and makes the head the focal point. Good stuff! :)

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