Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kits kits kits!

Quarter kits!
A week ago I was pretty drunk and in front of the computer with some money to burn... Alcohol, web shopping and money to burn is a bad combination! So I ended up shopping a bunch of stuff from

No regrets though! The Hobby Boss kits were €8 each (more on that in a sec) so an all tricked out M4A1 (76) W (barrel, crew, photo-etch etc.) ended up just as "expensive" as the Tamiya kit.

The KV-1 with all it's rivets and boxy appearance will be perfect to practice color modulation and stuff on. I will probably build it straight OOB with no modifications, although it apparently has a lot of inaccurate details like staggered roadwheels and such.

Building the KV-1
While building the superstructure of the KV-1 it was clear why they only cost €8... there is flash everywhere. Nothing really fits as it should and there will be gaps to fill! So if you're an inexperienced modeller (like me) I wouldn't recommend it. Especially since Tamiya has a most likely better detailed and easier to build KV-1. But meh... it was only €8.

Now I gotta go cry because I only have super glue to eat for dinner since I burnt all my money on scale models! Ta-ta! ;)

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