Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ICM Sdkfz. 222 Part1

While waiting for some stuff to arrive from Micromark so I can finish up the SAFS suit I built I decided to build and paint a kit from ICM (some Ukranian maker) depicting a Sdkfz. 222. Or as we like to call it "a Frog".

The kit itself is pretty basic. Two sprues, a two part hull, photoetched copper (not brass) and some decals for vehicles from 1941 to 1944. Building it was also pretty much straightforward. The instructions are sparse, though since this isn't a 1/35 kit there isnt much detail to glue on the wrong way. Which led me to add some stowage from Black Dog as well. Without it the car would look rather bare...

One surprise is that the hubcaps are separate from the rubber tires, which made painting them -much- easier. The hassle of painting roadwheels is almost as coma inducing as putting together link-by-link tracks. That made me happy :)

I'm just gathering up strength to glue on the last pieces of stowage and then it's time for a coat of future and time for weathering.

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