Saturday, March 24, 2012

ICM Sdkfz. 222 Part1½ – It pays to do your research

While looking at contemporary photos (warning, nazi symbol in the link) of the Sdkfz 222 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug, German for "special purpose vehicle") I noticed that what I thought was some detail on the hubcaps actually was sinkmarks – or whatever its called when they are inverted – and not some round thing that was supposed to be there.

Now I really could and should have left these there. The wheels will eventually be covered in dust and grime. But once you know there's something wrong you will always know it, even if no one else does. So I had to sand it down and repaint. Woe be me!

Unfortunately my sanding stuff still hasn't arrived from MicroMark. So all I had was some diamond files. Which left a rather rough surface. That of course later showed up when I applied the wash and looks just awful when taking photos with a macro lense...

At least it got the same tonal value as the rest of the wheel, and of course... it will be covered in dust later on anyways.


FML! :)

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