Friday, June 18, 2010

Yet another house / Maelstrom Games suck

The Shrine of the Aquila finally arrived from Maelstrom Games. After a two week wait... And to top it off, the terminator chaplain I ordered had mysteriously switched to a power armored one, with jump pack! That was my last order with Maelstrom... -.-

To put it in contrast; I placed an order with Wayland this week. 16 hours after placing the order it was shipped and sent on it's merry way. For just €5 more than Maelstrom. €5 for having your order acknowledged in due time and not sitting in some sort of "we don't know when we ever will send you stuff" / "processing" limbo for weeks. Kinda worth it.

Now, onto the Shrine. This thing is BUGE!!! The construction of it is kinda spotty, no braces or anything. Which makes the whole model kinda wobbly. But apart from that it's really nice. Tons of little details. Oh, and the skull-count tallies in at around 90 skulls. A new record?

Now it's off into the closet together with all the other unpainted stuff. I have other peoples houses to paint. :)

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