Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ultramarines Razorback WIP

I'm really in a blue mood nowadays. So I decided to paint up one of the four Rhino / Razorbacks for my Ultramarine army.

Using an airbrush to paint tanks is almost mandatory. I finished the blue coat, with shading and highlightning in about 2 hours. Of course, I didn't do anything fancy. But doing the same thing with citadel paints & washes would've taken forever. I remember being fifteen years younger and painting a Rhino. It took me a week!

The Razorback in the picture has just gotten the first layers of oil based weathering over a gloss varnish. Next up is to paint up all the details (prisms and stuff) & find a name for it. Then it's a final layer of pigments/weathering, touch ups and a flat coat and. After that it's "tabeltop ready".

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