Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Impressions: Plastic Tzeentch Sorcerer

So, the Slight Breeze of Magic is upon us, well, upon the poor squarebasers at least. I haven't heard much about the rules except "more magic? lol", and frankly I couldn't care less about that. What I do take interest in is the new direction GW is taking with the four new plastic sorcerers. I kinda goes completely against their usual MO of only making this kind of specialized figures in metal (and now in finecast). The models come in the new clamshell blisters, similar to the finecast ones.

The first thing that struck me when holding the box, is how cheap it feels. I bought it at MSRP, which is not that much I guess, but it is just a tiny plastic sprue in a flimsy box with a shitty paper insert.I guess that's not really important though, the model is. I just can't shake how stupid I felt for buying a quarter of a troop sprue for that much money.


It is pretty much a snap-fit model, zero options, one pose, and the feet are completed by adding the base, ie, the toes are cast into the base. GW made a very good mould for this, as expected, almost no visible mould lines and the injection points are well placed as to not ruin the model. The model is quite plain though, very little detail, and just from looking at the sprues, the other three sorcerers where pretty much the same. I get the same feeling as with the Wargames Factory Troopers, just too plain to live up to the standard GW usually keeps with their plastics. I must say I really like this take on Tzeentch though, the face, the birdy pose. Very chaosy and evil and not as cartoony as they have been lately.

"Cut my life into pieces, this is my last reso-*shotgun mouthwash*"

If I played Fantasy I would probably pick one of these up, the model as a whole is nice enough, and if I needed only one I could accept it only having the one pose. While it isn't a big issue, the moulded base with the birdman's toes is quite pointless.

It remains to see if these four sorcerers where an anomaly, or if we will see more of these simplified character models in plastic. If they could add more detail, this could be a cool way to release named characters in the future, especially if they keep up adding this many characters to the new codices


  1. Sadly I think this is the way GW will go. More or less monoposed figures like the big Grey Knight thingie and Arachnarok. Easier for the kids to assemble or something.

  2. I'm thinking about turning this model into a haemonculus. The more plastic they put out the better.

  3. Yeah, that would be a cool conversion, a headswap and some bitz and you're good to go :) I just hope they don't get to lazy with models in the future, having to green stuff everything because the look the same isn't fun in the long run