Monday, September 10, 2012

Battlereport, Orks vs. Marines

Magnus – Ancient warmachine and destroyer of green tides and generally annoying!!! :)

So... I went with my orks to Uppsala to play my first game with 6th ed. rules. (Army list here)

Lifter went with his Space Marines and a list compromised of a Dreadnought, two Vindicators, a Captain attached to one 5 man Assault Squad, a bunch of vanilla Terminators, and two Tactical Squads with Heavy Bolter equipped Razorbacks. And of course, since it's sixth edition, a Storm Guppy!

We did some rolling for warlord traits and stuff. I got "Move Through Cover" which was kinda nice. The mission ended up being "Big Guns Never Tire", which was even nicer since it made my Kanz and Kannons scoring. Deployment wasn't as nice though... deploying from the short ends would make sure I was boned without even really trying. Of course I didnt really know or care about that, I was just happy to play some 40K! :)

I ended up deploying and going first. So I went with a rather straightforward deployment. Aiming to play just like I played in 5th and see what would burn me now in 6th.

Ork deployment

The left flank was left more or less exposed since I hoped Lifter would deploy to meet all my Orks head-on. I could later exploit that and move my reserved Boss + Nobs and the Dakka-Jet on that flank and hopefully chew up some side-/rear-armour.

IoM deployment
Of course, Lifter didn't play along! Those Vindicators went on each side of a building and he presented me with a rather solid gun-line blob. I still hadn't grasped what Vindicators did to unprotected little orks and thought that my KFF would keep them safe...

Turn one was as usual. I moved, I ran. No shooting from the orks. The kannons, my only long range guns, was too far away from any units (another negative effect of the deployment). Lifter moved his Vindicators and most of the other stuff into position and then let loose the blast templates from hell onto my orks.

The Kannons got blasted to bits and with some heroic action from the runtherd actually managed to stay on the table. The Kanz got blasted to bits (one went down directly, the other two lost a gun and some hull points). And I lost a handful of orks. Still nothing too unexpected. The large blasts made me hesitate though. I desperately needed some cover if I wanted to run those 24" to get into close combat with the marines...

Round two was over pretty fast for me, I moved, I ran and managed to shoot the only remaining Grotzooka on the Vindicator & Razorback on my right flank. Destroying a Storm Bolter on the Vindicator and shaking the Razorback. Of course, my Dakka-Jet and the Boss and his retinue stayed off the table. Busy doing whatever they were busy doing...

The hardy Space Marines with their long range stuff didn't really leave any dice untouched. My sluggas got shot up. My small mob of Shootas got shot up. Of course, my Kanz got shot at as well.

TLOS in action!
Turn three started with me realizing that I was kinda smoked. Those Vindicators would just back up and shoot at me without the Orks really being able to do anything to close the gap and use the Klawz on them... shucks!

The Boss and Jet came onto the table though! So I raced up the Trukk 13 inches on the left and zoomed the Dakka-Jet in position to shoot at Magnus, the much feared Dreadnought. I failed to score a single glancing hit on the Dread and gave the turn over to Lifter...

Tuffgit admiring the view from the top of the ruin.
Lifters flying thing came on and he then proceeded to turn my Orks into small pieces of foul smelling fungi... It's all a blur for me. In short he skillfully killed Nobz, Boyz and Kanz like there was no tomorrow. It really didn't help that Lifter rolled direct hits on all scatter rolls. The only miss was when he rolled for his Terminators deepstriking in on my backfield. Dropping one of them slightly over the table edge ended up with a mishap! After a roll on the mishap table they didn't end up eaten by demons, just delayed for one turn.

 Yet another direct hit on the scatter dice! FML! 
Turn four was... lackluster. I shot at his Guppy with the Jet. Only managing to lock it in zooming-speed (not that bad for a flyer). What was left of my Orks shot at his marines, managing to kill one! (It's the small victories that count!!!) The Trukk with my last hope at turning the game went forward another 12".

Lifter, probably sensing that victory was sure in his grasp, deepstriked his Terminators close to my remaining gretchin crew. Making sure that they wouldn't survive to claim my backfield objective. Overkill? Perhaps. Bullying? Yes! :)

These grots are so screwed!
They got shot up real bad. Not a single grot was spared the wrath of the Emperor!

One of the Tactical squads went into a forest and two of them got eaten by it. So... my opponent was better at killing his Marines than my Orks was. -.-

My Sluggas got killed to the man by the right side Vindicator and the Razorbacks. The orks in the middle went down with only the Nob and two Boyz standing when the smoke cleared. My huge mob of Orkz got charged by the Dread that promptly killed my Nob and a bunch of the orks. Before a single swing of a Klaw! I then proceeded to try and disengage via the "Our guns are useless!"-rule. Which of course ended up with the Dreadnought sweeping them into oblivion. Curse the low initiative of orks!

My Big Mek got sniped due to an error in moving on my part. Out of coherency he is a pretty juicy and easy target. :)

During turn 2 it still didnt look that bad...
One of the Tactical Squads paired up with the Storm Guppy and exploded my Trukk. No casualties, but now my Boss and his Nobz were kinda stranded in no-mans-land on the left flank. Since my boss was Slow & Purposeful due to his mega-armour the mob turned into a green blob of Fat & Useless.

On turn five I gave Lifter my hand and thanked him for a good game. My Nobz would perhaps be able to reach one objective if the game went to turn 7. Which still would mean a loss since Lifter would control at least two of the three remaining objectives. So GG's was exchanged and I congratulated Lifter for finally beating me... ;)


A lot of learning occured on my part. Shooting in 6th is pretty brutal. Especially for Orks with no real armour saves to write home about. The KFF didn't seem so nerfed even though it went from a 4+ cover save to 5+. But it seems tempting to ditch the green tide and go for a list that's more oriented around Battlewagons.

On regular deployments (long edges) it might be more like 5th in the way that my orks will be able to close with the enemy. But there will always be the possibility of rolling "wonky" deployments that hurts me if I dont have a proper delivery mechanism.

The kannons didn't really have time to do anything. I will have to try them out a little more before I pass judgement on them. No matter what I still need more long range guns, so I guess it's time to dust off the Lootas.

Even though I got shafted bad 6th felt more streamlined and fun compared to 5th. There are some changes I perhaps don't agree with. But I guess that has more to do with the fact that I cannot run my orks in the way I'm used to.

Flyers are fun. Really fun. And not that game changing as some seem to make them out to be. Of course, a 6 flyer Necron-list might change my views on that. ;)

Now I'm off to shop some Battlewagons...

... or am I?

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